The Sound Of One Hoof Clopping
hey how long time it take for you to write all that shit?/Shadow

I usually start converting a koan into a short story with the goal of finishing in only fifteen minutes, but it always takes me much longer. I’ve never timed myself, but I suspect the first stories were closer to that length. Now it generally takes an hour or longer to write one, but it’s fun to do and good writing practice. Since I only have four followers (and no way to estimate the number of non-following watchers), this blog is something I clearly do for my own personal edification rather than for an audience.

I didn’t think when I started the blog that I’d want to elaborate so much in the stories! I try to flesh out as many details as possible such that someone who wasn’t familiar with Friendship is Magic would still be able to follow along. Additionally, the temptation has been too great to use the narratives to peek into certain aspects of character development which are more complex, and as such canon will likely never touch upon them.

Zep, Good Morning. I know that every pony secretly loves it when TGAP Trixie gets some form of comeuppance but do you really think that our Princess (May She Rule Forever) would be so crude in Public? I'm really enjoying reading your Koans but this one caught me off guard. I know that Life can be ...earthy... at time in regards to every individual but I've placed Celestial on a Pedestal about that sort of thing, perhaps now, I see, incorrectly. Feel free to use me in your work as well.

Thank you for the feedback!

I agree the display was a bit outside the normal bounds of Celestia’s regal stature, but I hope it wasn’t too much of a stretch. Canon Celestia clearly has a sense of humor and likes to play at ponies’ perceptions of her, though she never seems to lose her composure in the process. In this case it was less a “public” display and more a private display in front of several guests who knew her well.

The mane problem with most of the koans is finding a means to fit them into the framework of FiM faithfully. Many ancient koans are rather direct, shocking, and sometimes even violent. I’ve had to tone them down just a bit, but I still want them to recognizable to ponies who see them, so it’s a fine line I must hoof. This one seemed to fit too perfectly not to give it to the Princess and Trixie. (I must also admit private resentment at sharing Trixie’s name and interest in illusions in real life!)

The sometimes-crude nature of koans should come as no surprise to those familiar with Zen, as the point of the story is to upset the recipient of the message and force them to think about things in a new way. I’ll try to stay as true to canon as I can, so surprises of the out-of-character sort should be relatively minimal. Still, nopony interprets the same character the exact same way, as fanfiction clearly indicates—so it’s always good to hear from somepony else’s perspective.